Sky of Atlas

Sky of Atlas is a game in the very early stages of development. It is game about politics, war and mythology. The game is centered around high speed but tactical combat in a rogue-like fashion. However combat is timed on a 3 second timer, meaning you and the rest of the players in the world must make combat decisions fast. It is a full loot game, meaning that everytime you participate in player versus player combat, you risk everything on your character. There is currently one server, it is however a development server. The server will go down periodically during development and testing. Characters are saved now, but they will be wiped often to accommodate rapid development. However if the server is up you are welcome to try what is there currently. Due to some security issues still being worked out, it is recommended that you use passwords not used on other sites. Hopefully these security issues will be fixed soon.

I have created a subreddit for the game. Please use /r/skyofatlas/ subreddit to discuss and post bugs!



May 3, 2016 - Power Strike is now assignable to the second skill slot and uses 5 stamina instead of the normal 3 for attacking. It raises minimum and maximum damage by 1. I need to add descriptions and examinations for skill slots along with some testing to make sure all buttons 0-9 work as well.

May 2, 2016 - Significant improvements to skill UI. Skills are now assignable. Skills cannot be changed while in combat. Need to add some more information for skills to be useful in combat. Power Strike skill will be ready to use soon.

May 1, 2016 - Made significant progress adding skills to the game. You can now learn a skill, all that is left is being able to assign a skill to a button and have it affect combat.

April 28, 2016 - The registration process has been fixed. You should be able to once again create a character.

April 27, 2016 - The project is currently down due to a major code rewrite for the player object. Hopefully this will be resolved in a day or so. There will be no way to create a character until this rewrite is resolved.

April 26, 2016 - Players now properly die in PVP combat. Players will respawn with a notification of who killed them. You will lose gold to enemy player in PVP. Unused XP will be lost to the void. Also getting hit in the back scores a critical for double damage! All equipment is wearable now, however only swords have any effect. NPCs are a little bit smarter about movement and attacking, but are still easily fooled. NPCS now follow the same facing rules as players. A recall button was added to the character screen to teleport back to spawn. However it requires you to be at full stats to use the recall button. Fixed a bug with combat cooldown being delayed. Added an options tab. This currently has one option for whether to show the spatial grid or not. Options are not saved to database yet.

April 24, 2016 - I recently got laid off this year and addition to that I have been doing work for a startup, so work is slow right now. The server seems to occasionally crash after long periods of time, so I am investigating that issue. Players also occasionally got saved to the database as dead and would not revive once back in game, making them walk around as a sort of invisible zombie. That has been fixed.

Dec 29, 2015 - Took a break for a while. The server had been down for a while. That was due to automatic server restarts for updates. The database and game will now start on server start up, so that shouldn't happen any more. The "Play" button should also always be correct now to always properly show when server is up/down. Did a little work on the site. Added a bugs section for known bugs.

Nov 23, 2015 - A lot of updates, mostly minor fixes. A lot more communication about the environment is happening. Bug where you would not see other characters on connect is fixed. Likewise characters disappear on disconnect. PVP is now implemented with a few bugs. Fixed some security issues, still lots to do on this front. Began implementing a skill system. Lot's of little item additions behind the scenes. Focus for the next month is skill additions, salvaging and crafting. Database stuff is going well. All terrain is loaded from the database instead of hard coded. Item types will be stored soon as well for crafting and loot tables. Worked on the game site a bit, added a credits section for artists whose work is helping me make the game actually look like a game.

Nov 12, 2015 - I haven't updated this in a while, but much has changed. There is now an authentication system, but has some security holes still. Worked on e-mail confirmation as well, but not yet implemented. Blacksmith was added as well as the beginning of a salvaging system. NPCs now drop gold which is autolooted. Improved item system substantially. More stats are displayed about your character now, taking into effect damage modifiers of weapons. Added a few new tiles including trees and an anvil in the starter area. Players now save to the server when disconnected and player will be retrieved properly when logging back in. Bugs with server stability have cropped up due to these new systems and will need to be solved.

Nov 7, 2015 - Improved NPC AI and collision detection. NPC's now attack. You can now train soldier, ranger and monk to level 20. Started database work. Code reworks and organization. Began map editor for admin. Killing NPCs drops loot and is autolooted.

Nov 6, 2015 - Added basic NPC AI.

Nov 4, 2015 - Added player transparency and directional sprites.

Nov 2, 2015 - Created this site and added an embed code to the server which allows you to play the game and see if server is up or down at the moment.


  • NPC aggro and movement through walls with multiple players can cause problems.
  • Player count on embed doesn't seem to always be correct. It should lag behind a maximum of 5 minutes, but no more.
  • Characters can "clone" themselves and essentially be logged in as themselves infinitely over. Latest login should remove all copies. Currently the last character to logout or disconnect is saved to the database.
  • Examining equipped items such as a sword bugs out due to raisins.


Sky of Atlas features a multi-class system. All classes are subject to change.

Combat Classes


This class specializes in melee combat.


This class specializes in ranged combat.


This class specializes in hand to hand combat and movement speed.

Magic Classes

White Wizard

This class specializes in white magic which can heal and strengthen allies.

Red Wizard

This class specializes in red magic which can deal damage to enemies.

Black Wizard

This class specializes in black magic which can deal damage over time and weaken enemies.

Time Wizard

This class specializes in time magic which slow or speed time to the advantage of allies and the disadvantage of enemies.

Portal Wizard

This class specializes in opening and closing portals which can be used to enter different realms.


This class controls wild life.

Aristocratic Classes


Noble is the primary governing class. Skill in this class helps create stability and ordering when governing or helping govern a city


Priest is the primary religious class. Skill in this class allows you to bless and heal people. The priest can also help keep a city in good favour with the Gods.


Knight is a unique class with extremely specialized abilities for leading troops on the ground. However in order to use this classes abilities you must have been Knighted by a Vassal or King

Crafting Classes


This class engineers blueprints for the construction of buildings of the highest order.


This class executes the building of buildings of the highest order.

Siege Engineer

This class engineers blueprints for the construction of siege weapons and is required for there use.


This class creates blueprints and crafts furniture for use in buildings. The carpenter also creates ranged weapons.


This class creates blueprints and crafts clothes and robes.


This class creates blueprints and crafts swords and armor.


This class crafts sigils for use in armor and buildings.


This class crafts all manner of potions and other strange chemistry.


Designed, Produced and Managed by Adam Rochford


Open Source Art Provided by:

  • Luis Zuno (@ansimuz)
  • Daniel Harris "Hyptosis"

Special Thanks

Without these open source projects this game wouldn't have gotten off the ground.

If I have missed a credit please post to the sky of atlas subreddit and I will be sure to include you!